Student Attendance


includes students 18 years of age or older

Students are expected to attend all classes punctually and regularly. Only illness, medical/dental or other such appointments, and school sponsored activities such as field trips, athletic events, etc. are excusable.

The Education Act requires that, when a student is absent from class, the parent/guardian must provide verification for the reason for the absence in either written or oral form. The Act gives the principal the authority to grant or deny the request according to the validity of the reason for absence.

All parents/guardians, through notes and/or phone calls, will be responsible for advising the school when absences take place, preferably before if it is reasonable to do so. Students should not enter a class until the office has been advised of an absence whether it be for one period, one day or longer.

Parents who wish to have their son/daughter excused from school for a prolonged absence should make their request in writing to the principal for approval in advance of the planned absence.

Student absences may also be reported by calling the school at 519-524-7353 – ext.#1 for grade 7 -12. Voice mail allows the absence to be reported any time. We are not able to accept text messages for reports or requests for student absences.

Students 18 or older may report their own absences, but are required to call in to report absences. Regular attendance is one of the most important ingredients for success in school.

Students must meet two standards before credits can be granted: demonstrates satisfactory expectations and completion of assigned curriculum work in a satisfactory manner.

Adequate attendance for instruction is required for academic success. Subject teachers keep a record of late’s and absences for each period they teach and these absences are reported on the student’s report card.


Students are to report directly to class. Students who are late for class may receive a lunchtime detention with the teacher or with the vice-principal. More significant consequences may be assigned if necessary.

Parent/guardian explanation for excused lates is expected in writing or via a phone call.

Students who are more than 30 minutes late may not be admitted to class. Persistent lateness will not be tolerated and parents will be notified.


Truancy is defined as absence from one or more classes without a valid reason. Consequences for skipping may include detentions, parental involvement, suspension and/or removal from classes or from school.

Missing Class to Stay Home to Complete Assignments or to Study

Students are not permitted to miss class or stay home to complete assignments or to study. If it is determined this has occurred, the student in question will be considered truant and may be given a mark of incomplete on the assignment or test.