Tell Them from Me Survey

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This Spring, all elementary and secondary students from Grades 4 to 12 in Avon Maitland will be participating in an online school survey for students called the OurSCHOOL Student Survey. This survey is similar to the School Climate survey that the Ministry has required schools to complete every two years. Please find the details of the survey implementation below.

  • Who: Grades 4-6 (Junior Survey) and Grades 7-12 (Intermediate/Secondary Survey)
  • When: survey will be completed at Sprucedale Public School sometime between Monday April 24th and April 29th.
  • Where: At the school
  • Why: To provide a glimpse into students’ experiences and capture students’ feedback around their sense of belonging, wellness, and issues related to bullying in their school. The key topics connect directly to the AMDSB strategic plan, which emphasizes maximizing student outcomes, and providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.

About the OurSCHOOL Student Survey:

  • Allows students to share their feedback anonymously on their experiences at school, school environment and school improvement programs.
  • Participation in the survey is voluntary, however all students are encouraged to participate.
  • The time required to complete the survey may vary, but it is designed to be completed in approximately 30-35 minutes.

Survey measures include such topics as behaviours and attitudes linked to student success, emotional and social well-being and physical health. For more information about the OurSCHOOL Student Survey, please visit

If you have questions or would like to request more information about Avon Maitland’s upcoming implementation of the OurSCHOOLStudent Survey, please contact your school principal.