Why do They do That? Understanding Behaviour

For parents/caregivers of children/youth with special needs

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Location: LIBRO Community Kitchen, Social Services Building (Jacob Memorial Building)
7722D London Road, Clinton, Ontario (behind the healthy unit and Huronview Seniors Home on Highway 4)

Parking: Onsite

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Register online with links above or call Carrie toll free: 1-866-590-8822, ext. 53367 at least one week prior to the workshop.

In this two-part workshop, parents/caregivers will learn about the ABC’s of behaviour.

In Part 1, we identify behaviours that interfere with everyday activities. We will also explore how parents can gather information about the interfering behaviour and develop prevention strategies.

In Part 2, we look at why interfering behaviours happen and the strategies to help manage them on a daily basis. Parents/caregivers identify positive alternative behaviours to teach their child and develop a plan to target a specific interfering behaviour.

Please note: that we cannot address more severe interfering behaviours such as self- injurious behaviour (e.g., hits own head) or aggression that causes physical harm to others.